1. I am a student, economically poor, interested in learning advanced programming and scripting languages. Can I get a fees concession?

Yes. Kindly visit our place or contact us at +91 8861636418.

2. I am already working in the industry, what are the courses I need to learn for my career progression?

Kindly visit our place and talk to our experts. For scheduling appointments with our experts, plesae contact us at+91 8861636418

3. I am a fresher. If I do a course at your Institute, can you guarantee me a job?

No. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but we assure you that we would make an earnest attempt to find you a suitable job through our industry contacts and consultants. Our past trainees stand testimony to this assurance.

4. I am a final year under-graduate student. Can you help me with respect to my project work? Can you provide me with a project?

Sure. We do provide projects at various levels in various technologies. Depend- ing on your area of interest we could help you with a suitable project.

5. I am confused about what to learn to have a successful career in the IT industry. Can you provide me counselling?

Yes. Please take an appointment and talk to our experts. For scheduling an appointment please contact us at +91 8861636418.

6. Which is the best programming language?

There is nothing like that. Everying language is good in its own respect. It all depends on the application for which the language is being used. And ofcourse, it also depends on your taste for that language!

7. I am a working professional, Do I get flexible timings at your Institute?

Yes. We do offer courses during time-slots that are convenient for working professionals.

8. Do you offer weekend-only courses?

Yes, we do offer such courses, especially for the benefit of working professionals.