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Customer Testimonials

I got what I wanted at 'The Benchmates', customized training, as well as a comfortable schedule. Ramesh was a thorough professional, never in a hurry, always ensuring that I understood each topic before moving on to the next. His Industry experience went a long way in helping me understand problem statements and key enablers on Automation Scripts.
Zafar Shamim, Nokia
‘The Benchmates’ provided me the right learning platform. Every problem I brought up was solved in class and that gave me a lot of confidence. Mr. Ramesh was very friendly and we were always free to get back to him on any technical doubt or query. I will definitely recommend ‘The Benchmates’ to anyone who wants to really learn the concepts.
Pinky Sheetal, M.Tech BioInformatics
I completed my Perl training course at 'The Benchmates', and overall it was an excellent experience for me. Covering all the topics, getting any doubt cleared, and doing assignments helped me build a solid foundation in Perl. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. You can always rely on them. And with a little hard work from your side, you can achieve what you wanted. Thanks Benchmates!
Asif Masood, HP
'The Benchmates' provides excellent technical training which is in tune with the current needs of the IT industry. My training program was one-to-one and specifically tailored to my needs, and was extremely beneficial to me. Special thanks to Mr. Ramesh for his kind support and guidance. All the best!
Suchetha, Alcatel Lucent
I would like to thank Ramesh on behalf of the entire trainees. We have the satisfaction of having learnt many concepts which are relevant to both beginners and advanced users of Perl. Training sessions were very effective and course timings were just perfect.
Chandre Gowda, Thomson Reuters
Yes! The training was indeed very much what we wanted to kick start our programming. Ramesh, the immense experience and knowledge you have on Perl and which you exhibited while training motivated us to extract more from you. It was a highly commendable effort from your side.
Shashi Kiran, Thomson Reuters
I am very satisfied with the content and the quality of the training program at ‘The Benchmates’.
Arijit Roy, Thomson Reuters
‘The Benchmates’ is a great place to learn and excel. I completed my Unix Shell Scripting and Perl Scripting courses, and I feel that I have really understood and learnt the subject. The knowledge I acquired was in perfect alignment with my present work requirements. I am now in a position where I understand and write scripts needed for my daily job at office. I am very happy with 'The Benchmates'.
Raghavendra Swamy, Accenture
I was on the lookout for a training course from a corporate-level trainer, who would be able to teach me concepts with real-world examples, would give me umpteen problems to practice, and would be able to clear all my doubts without himself getting confused. And would be able to do all the above within a given time frame, since I am also on a full-time job. Mr. Ramesh fit the criteria very well. And the bonus quality is that he is very flexible. I’m glad that I was able to find such a competent trainer. My best wishes to ‘The Benchmates’!
Anonymous, XYZ
The following were the key features I experienced in the training program offered by Mr. Ramesh, in-depth coverage of the subject, very convenient and easy to understand teaching style, and explanation of concepts with innumerable real-world examples. These enabled us to understand and learn the concepts. Ramesh was very flexible, very punctual, and was very patient with us.
Bishnu Pradhan, HP
I completed my PERL training course at ‘The Benchmates’ in 2010. It was one of the best training programs that I have ever attended. I was completely satisfied with the content and structure of the course. Ramesh was a real pro in PERL and has mastered the art of effectively imparting PERL knowledge and skills to students. He helped me understand PERL in-depth within a short period of time, which I effectively used in writing automation scripts. The training played a significant role in me moving into a better company. I would strongly recommend Benchmates to any one looking to master PERL.
Bharathi Nayak, IBM
Your Institute is really good and has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn PERL. Though I was already using PERL before joining the course, after completing the course I now feel that my PERL foundations are solid. I was able to upgrade my skills to a significantly higher lever through his course. Thanks!
Alakananda Sahoo, Yodlee
‘The Benchmates’ is definitely one of the best training institutes in Bangalore. I have not come across any other trainer like Ramesh. His unique teaching approaches need to be experienced by every PERL aspirant. He understands the pulse of students very well and plans his training sessions accordingly. His presentations are simple, easy to understand, and packed with a lot of examples and exercises.
Tati Chiranjeevi Yadav, Radisys
‘The Benchmates’ is one of the best institutes in Bangalore for acquiring Advanced Programming and Scripting skills. It was a great learning curve for me, and provided me a breakthrough in my professional life. Ramesh was technically very sound, has been in the training industry for many years now, and provided excellent coaching, guidance, and support for us students. The institute offers flexible timings which is very convenient for students and working professionals. I am happy that I did the course at Benchmates, because of which I am in a good job today.
Adi Lakshmi, NDS
I completed the Advance Data Structures course at Benchmates. Mr. Ramesh was very detailed and clear in his presentations. He covered all topics with practical examples, which I found was very helpful in my day-to-day programming job at office.
Pawan Kumar Solanki, Aricent
To my knowledge, ‘The Benchmates’ is the only institute in Bangalore, which offers in-depth advanced trainings on various new technologies. The trainers are very highly qualified and the best in Bangalore. The training is filled with real-world examples which make it easy for the trainees to understand the concepts and upgrade their skills to meet industry requirements. If someone is really interested in learning the subject in depth, Benchmates is the place in Bangalore.
Saurabh Singh, IBM
I completed my Python training course at 'The Benchmates' and would like to share my experiences: Choosing Benchmates for the Python course proved to be one of the best decisions I had taken in a long time. It was an in-depth course on Python, not focusing just on theory, but also using a huge number of examples. The focus was not on completing the syllabus on time, but instead on ensuring that the student understood each one of the concepts, no matter however long it took. I was at complete freedom to ask as many questions/problems I wanted, and I always got patient and right responses. I was able to resolve many of my Python related issues faced at office after detailed discussions with my trainer. I would like to place on record my gratitude to Ramesh, my trainer, who has trained me up to the level where I can work independently on Python related issues at office, and also write Python scripts of my own.
Devendra Kumar, Stoke Networks
Thanks once again for the Python Training. It was very informative and knowledgeable indeed.
Zahiruddin, McAfee